Friday, December 6, 2013

The Best Gift Ever

My sister-in-law is a great artist. I could look at this
painting forever! I think she should open up an online
store. ;)
Hi everyone! I already skipped a day of Holidailies yesterday... I got busy with homework and other things. Yesterday's question was about the best gift you've ever received, and today's is about the best gift you've ever given, so I guess I can do them both in one post.

It is hard to decide what the best gift I've ever received is. I think, for me, the best gifts are anything that allow me to do something... such as my Kindle, that allows me to read books and play games. I also like anything bright and colorful and decorative, such as the painting my sister-in-law made for me last year. I don't always enjoy getting clothes, because I feel like if I needed clothes I'd go buy some... but sometimes I get something really nice, like the beautiful purple sweater I got from my aunt one year that is the prettiest shade of purple and is so soft and stretchy. I got it years ago, but I still wear it all the time.

As for giving gifts, I really enjoy giving. I know it sounds corny, but it is fun for me. I put a lot of thought into what to give each person. Sometimes I make things myself. One of the gifts I enjoyed giving the most was for my little cousin when she was about ten. She loved (and still does love) doing arts and crafts, and would spend hours up in her bedroom making things out of random stuff she found around the house. So I bought a plastic bin and filled it up with every craft supply I could think of... felt, fabric, different kinds of glue, feathers, googly eyes, sequins, buttons, pompoms, cotton balls, styrofoam balls, wooden shapes, etc. I was able to get a lot of it at the Dollar store, or from things I already owned, so it didn't cost that much to put together. I've seen similar kits for kids that come already packaged. But I liked making my own because I could put in anything I wanted. For instance, magnet tape. If I was at the store and saw a little craft item and thought, "I bet Kaylie would have fun with that," I could buy it for the kit. I could also keep it personalized, and leave out flimsy things or things that I didn't think she'd enjoy as much. I wrapped the whole thing up on Christmas Eve. It was fun to watch her excitement when she opened it up and saw all this stuff that would make any crafty kid go ga-ga!

Do you have any kids in your life who might like The Princess's New Hair as a gift? Amazon has it on sale right now for $13.32!


  1. Pretty painting! And I love the craft kit idea... my girls would looooove that.

  2. That sounds like an awesome gift. My granddaughters would love to receive something like that. Thanks for sparking an idea!